Re-laminating a delaminated Magnetic Plate

For those of you who have purchased the Magnetic plate for your Stampin Cut & Emboss machine, they were discontinued because the plates were delaminating. If you did purchase one, you will have been reimbursed by Stampin’ Up! If you are a customer of mine and haven’t been reimbursed, please let me know and I’ll look into it.

Mine also delaminated, so my husband suggested taking the top layer right off, as I couldn’t use it the way it was anyway, so I used my heat tool to loosen and remove the top layer. It was very curled by the time I was able to get the top layer off, so I layered it back up, upside down, with the curly side on the bottom and placed heavy weights on it for over a week to flatten it. (sorry, didn’t think to take pictures)

This morning I used Gorilla Glue (follow the directions on the package) and clamped it between two pieces of wood and weighed it down with a sledge hammer and kettle ball. I left it there for several hours and it has re-laminated, fairly well. I still have a bit of lifting in the centre part for some reason, but the sides seem to be very well glued – time will tell. If it starts to give up the ghost, I’ll keep you posted. Definitely worth a try!

Published by Lise Taber - Critters'n Ink, Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

Paper crafting gives me balance in a very hectic life, as a wife, mother and quilt shop owner. Sharing my love of creating is easy, as a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and as a quilter. It doesn't matter which medium you choose, I think creativity keeps you young.

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